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Sorry I’ve hardly posted on here recently!
I GOT A JOB! For the first time in my life I am employed, well its an apprenticeship but I get payed so whats the difference.

best part is its doing what the exact thing I wanted to get into, speaker building, been so so happy but so so exhausted that I’ve kinda crashed out pretty shortly after getting home.

Posts will be diminishing even more than previously so yeh… sorry!

So I had a phone assessment from the mental health wellbeing team this morning that was the longest phone call I’ve had in years, the woman was really lovely and helpful and it seems I’m going to start Cognative Behavioral Therapy.

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It has been 3 years since I was last in a relationship, I’ve tried to convince myself for the last 2 of those years that I was happier single, but I’m not.

I’m sick of being lonely, I’m sick of never having sex because I’m so awkward and I can’t keep letting myself obsess over the past.

This is me admitting to myself that things have only got worse while I’ve been attempting convincing everyone that I am happier than ever, or at least less depressed than ever.

Shit shit shit shit shit

My dad went to the hospital for a check up because he had to have a skin cancer removed a couple of months ago and they wanted to see if it had spread.

It turns out it has, my dad was in a bit of a state when he spoke to my mum on the phone so all we know is that they found cancer in his body and he needs a more serious operation followed possibly by chemotherapy…

I’m kind of in shock myself, I never really thought this would happen to my dad :(

So annoyed I’ve been ill all weekend, there was a squat party in an empty bank last night on London Road and Featurecast are playing tonight at the Volks, such a shitty weekend to be ill


I have an interview tomorrow!

And it isn’t even the one I was waiting for! which means if I don’t get it I still have another interview!